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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Salinas, California, Police Officer Acknowledges Existence of Gangstalking

This is truly amazing! Below is a video of a Salinas, California, police officer actually acknowledging for a Fox news affiliate that gangstalking does indeed exist and that this has been a problem for quite a while now. I would have never entertained the thought that something like this would happen.


LivinLaVidaHaga said...

Im heartened to see this as well. Maybe now, more stories will start trickling through the media blackout 'dam'. Over some years, hopefully the trickle will become a flood of gangstalking stories and info coming from the mainstream media.

Back Up Against The Wall said...

Yes, Livin, I am hopeful for exactly the same thing. I thirst for the day that these murdering criminals are brought to pay for this suffocating evil that they have brought into this world.

Benja Simon said...


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