Why do you think the perps are doing this to you?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comments On Another Website Describing What Sounds Like Gangstalking Activity

To me, the quoted paragraphs below at least in part describe what gangstalkers do to us. I took out a few key words identifying the organization so people can make an unbiased judgment on it.

"I don't know, I can't help it, but I keep seeing ___________ agents distributing leaflets in the neighbourhoods of critics, hate literature, specifically designed to generate hatred of those critics, from a mass of people. Get a mass of people to hate a person, and that would be enough to shut them up, eh?. That is the objective and intention of BLACK propaganda, get the person isolated, despised, villified, and that'll finish them. Set them up, or manipluate the events, but above all costs, get them HATED, get them to trigger the "reactive" smell of *danger* in people, get people to hate and fear them *passionately*. That ought to do it, eh?"

"_______, in the Science of ________, recommended that people "below _______________ be disposed of quietly, and without sorrow." People below ___ = demonized other = ___. When we give ourselves the right to decide who lives, and who dies, based on our own biased perception of whether they're good or bad, THEN we have a barbarism. Then we have Nazism. And if we are to understand _________ words in that paragraph, we have ___________."

The organization that the above two paragraphs are describing is well known, and although I have been belittled in the past for pointing to them before, it does not take too much searching on the web to find quite a deal that connects them to gangstalking behavior and practices.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Salinas, California, Police Officer Acknowledges Existence of Gangstalking

This is truly amazing! Below is a video of a Salinas, California, police officer actually acknowledging for a Fox news affiliate that gangstalking does indeed exist and that this has been a problem for quite a while now. I would have never entertained the thought that something like this would happen.