Why do you think the perps are doing this to you?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Suicide of Gangstalking Victims

It has been a good long time since I posted anything substantive.

I have been reading lots and lots of books, and watching lots of DVDs, and searching the web for anything related to recovery from loss by suicide.

The prognosis is not that good.

Apparently, once you lose someone you care about to suicide, it stays with you a long, long time. In fact, it stays with you forever. The only thing you can hope for is that your capacity for pain increases so that you can better deal with the rest of life's problems, like gangstalking.

Rena herself was a "suicide survivor" (that's what they call those who lose someone to suicide). I am now a "suicide survivor" of Rena.

As a gangstalking victim, I knew my own pain. Rena, at the time I knew her, was both a gangstalking victim and a suicide survivor in that one of her sisters had completed suicide about two years before her own death. I now carry that burden of being both a gangstalking victim and a suicide survivor.

According to the many books I have read on suicide, two big reasons why people do it is because they are trying to get away from unrelenting pain or they feel that they have a problem that is permanent, a problem that has no solution. This is exactly what they are engineering in our lives. They want us to feel endless psychological and emotional pain as a result of gangstalking, and they also want to show us that we have a permanent problem, a problem that has no solution.

Rena said many times that she could not take the pain that they were inflicting on her. She felt that she had a permanent problem, a problem that has no solution, so she was induced by them to kill herself. She may have been the one to have performed the mechanical acts resulting in her death, but they the gangstalkers were the ones responsible for it.

Yes, their goal is for us to kill ourselves. This is a much cleaner holocaust for the evil powers that be. They very subtly condition us for various triggers, then proceed to trigger us as we go around town, all the while knowing the cumulative pain that this brings into the victim's life, and also knowing that at some point a break is going to occur. At that point, many will kill themselves. Those who knew the victim but did not believe their story of being stalked will simply chalk it up as suicide as a result of mental illness. Those who knew the person involved was indeed a victim of gangstalking will now also know them as martyrs or fallen soldiers in a war that few people are aware of and that most probably still think us to be mad.

We, the targets/victims, are the new undesirables in society. The Nazis of World War II had their Jews, Gypsies, and uncooperative humanitarians and true Christians, among others who were their undesirables.

I have often asked myself why would they want me to kill myself?

I cause no one any harm.
I used to be a very lighthearted and even funny guy. At times, I could bring the whole office down in laughter....not now though...not anymore.
One of the hallmarks of my personality was (and still is) my objectivity. I like to see things as they are, even if they are unflattering things and it hurts to acknowledge or think upon them.
I used to often say "hi" to the stranger on the street.
I used to often hold a door open for strangers, lingering at the door for a few seconds if I see someone who is about to go through it themselves....very rare that I do that now.
I used to radiate a sense of goodwill towards my fellow man or woman...now I find myself feeling suspicious that just about everyone is a potential perp, further inhibiting the expression of my personality.

So the question still remains, why me? Why Rena? Why are the both of us undesirables?

Well the Nazis wanted to clean the genetic house so to speak. In addition to those mentioned above, they also eliminated the infirm, mentally ill, and those who had something wrong with them functionally, i.e., birth defects, blindness, deafness, etc.

Well, Rena was legally blind, and I was born with a birth defect for which I have had three plastic surgeries, one as a baby, the second at 9 years of age, and the third and last at 19 years of age. Is this why we were targeted for this?

"Hey, let's add these two to the list." "Why....oh..I see. She is blind, and this guy, well he looks okay now, but he had these surgeries to correct his birth defect. We have to get rid of him, can't take the chance that he'll spread his genetic errors in the gene pool."

So reader I ask you if you too are a victim of gangstalking? If so, then what defects do you have that these Neo-Nazis want to crush and eliminate from society? Maybe you have no defects. Perhaps you are just someone who can see the truth. You know that there is often a schism between what most people will perceive to be the truth and what the truth actually is, especially with the media being what it is today.

As a Christian, I consider this to be persecution. As such, I do expect to be rewarded in heaven by my Lord and Savior, Jesus, for enduring it. I also expect to see Rena there, as she paid the ultimate price for her faith, a faith that was still so young. You see, I led her to accept Jesus as her savior about a week or so before she was induced to take her life.

Knowing that she is in peace and experiencing joy in heaven with Jesus gives me comfort as I go throughout my day to deal with these willing slaves/zombies doing the bidding of their father, the devil.

Come Lord Jesus. I for one eagerly await your return.