Why do you think the perps are doing this to you?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Suicide of Gangstalking Victims

It has been a good long time since I posted anything substantive.

I have been reading lots and lots of books, and watching lots of DVDs, and searching the web for anything related to recovery from loss by suicide.

The prognosis is not that good.

Apparently, once you lose someone you care about to suicide, it stays with you a long, long time. In fact, it stays with you forever. The only thing you can hope for is that your capacity for pain increases so that you can better deal with the rest of life's problems, like gangstalking.

Rena herself was a "suicide survivor" (that's what they call those who lose someone to suicide). I am now a "suicide survivor" of Rena.

As a gangstalking victim, I knew my own pain. Rena, at the time I knew her, was both a gangstalking victim and a suicide survivor in that one of her sisters had completed suicide about two years before her own death. I now carry that burden of being both a gangstalking victim and a suicide survivor.

According to the many books I have read on suicide, two big reasons why people do it is because they are trying to get away from unrelenting pain or they feel that they have a problem that is permanent, a problem that has no solution. This is exactly what they are engineering in our lives. They want us to feel endless psychological and emotional pain as a result of gangstalking, and they also want to show us that we have a permanent problem, a problem that has no solution.

Rena said many times that she could not take the pain that they were inflicting on her. She felt that she had a permanent problem, a problem that has no solution, so she was induced by them to kill herself. She may have been the one to have performed the mechanical acts resulting in her death, but they the gangstalkers were the ones responsible for it.

Yes, their goal is for us to kill ourselves. This is a much cleaner holocaust for the evil powers that be. They very subtly condition us for various triggers, then proceed to trigger us as we go around town, all the while knowing the cumulative pain that this brings into the victim's life, and also knowing that at some point a break is going to occur. At that point, many will kill themselves. Those who knew the victim but did not believe their story of being stalked will simply chalk it up as suicide as a result of mental illness. Those who knew the person involved was indeed a victim of gangstalking will now also know them as martyrs or fallen soldiers in a war that few people are aware of and that most probably still think us to be mad.

We, the targets/victims, are the new undesirables in society. The Nazis of World War II had their Jews, Gypsies, and uncooperative humanitarians and true Christians, among others who were their undesirables.

I have often asked myself why would they want me to kill myself?

I cause no one any harm.
I used to be a very lighthearted and even funny guy. At times, I could bring the whole office down in laughter....not now though...not anymore.
One of the hallmarks of my personality was (and still is) my objectivity. I like to see things as they are, even if they are unflattering things and it hurts to acknowledge or think upon them.
I used to often say "hi" to the stranger on the street.
I used to often hold a door open for strangers, lingering at the door for a few seconds if I see someone who is about to go through it themselves....very rare that I do that now.
I used to radiate a sense of goodwill towards my fellow man or woman...now I find myself feeling suspicious that just about everyone is a potential perp, further inhibiting the expression of my personality.

So the question still remains, why me? Why Rena? Why are the both of us undesirables?

Well the Nazis wanted to clean the genetic house so to speak. In addition to those mentioned above, they also eliminated the infirm, mentally ill, and those who had something wrong with them functionally, i.e., birth defects, blindness, deafness, etc.

Well, Rena was legally blind, and I was born with a birth defect for which I have had three plastic surgeries, one as a baby, the second at 9 years of age, and the third and last at 19 years of age. Is this why we were targeted for this?

"Hey, let's add these two to the list." "Why....oh..I see. She is blind, and this guy, well he looks okay now, but he had these surgeries to correct his birth defect. We have to get rid of him, can't take the chance that he'll spread his genetic errors in the gene pool."

So reader I ask you if you too are a victim of gangstalking? If so, then what defects do you have that these Neo-Nazis want to crush and eliminate from society? Maybe you have no defects. Perhaps you are just someone who can see the truth. You know that there is often a schism between what most people will perceive to be the truth and what the truth actually is, especially with the media being what it is today.

As a Christian, I consider this to be persecution. As such, I do expect to be rewarded in heaven by my Lord and Savior, Jesus, for enduring it. I also expect to see Rena there, as she paid the ultimate price for her faith, a faith that was still so young. You see, I led her to accept Jesus as her savior about a week or so before she was induced to take her life.

Knowing that she is in peace and experiencing joy in heaven with Jesus gives me comfort as I go throughout my day to deal with these willing slaves/zombies doing the bidding of their father, the devil.

Come Lord Jesus. I for one eagerly await your return.


Anonymous said...

Hi David!

Thank you for commenting on my blog!

I read this post today and agree with you. Suicide is what they want us to do. I have known a number of people who have committed suicide myself and that means the risk even goes up for myself. She was definately at risk even removing the fact that she was a ti.

I did not know she was a new believer. She needed much more support than she probably had. At least when I was a new Christian I was going to church all the time and being around believers until they "turned" on me, of course.

I thought that knowing Jesus would make all the perps go away and send me a husband and children a house, a car, etc... It never happened. As a matter of fact my life got worse after I got saved. I did not get the "voices" until I accepted Jesus and my street theatre went up as well. After Salvation you go from being an annoyance and object of fun to a real threat. No Disneyland happy ever after.

I still do not feel as if I have completely repented and the perps/devils try to keep luring me back into sin--even if it just the sin of fantasy...They kept nailing me with it today telling me I will never have a real man and don't I "love" my fantasy man. It's unreal.

Randy R said...

I think your being a kind hearted person can be a risk factor.Along with having integrity. Above average intelligence, and they hate objective/critical thinkers as these people are hard to control/manipulate and pose a threat.
Being a true Christian, im sure they dont like. Hypocrites are always welcome however.
Its possible they were jealous of your sense of humor and other positive traits.
Being 'behind' in accomplishment at a certain age, I highly doubt if thats a factor.There are 50 yr olds with zero accomplishment who would never be targeted.
Just remember there are a number of targets with no birth defects, or nazi 'defects' etc. They probably want you to think that, and feel defective, and lower your esteem further. Not to mention you know some perps must have birth defects, although its possible these 'useful idiots' will be wiped out in the future.

jacobi47usa said...

There are many women and children ??? what could be there problem >>

innocent children in schools... yes, thats part of this ..No it has nothing to do of what someone has done. this is there main ammo towards us.to convience the world we have.. why, i just cant put my finger on it all im sure the NWO, but thats too general.

churches are not churches anymore. freemasons have infiltrated and rotted the congragation..as fake deacons and ministers.

southern baptists welcome these bastards and have forever in the south.there hands in stone, masonic emblems on many churches in the south, south louisana has many. ALL evil as hell.
\freemasons are evil... plus the fact that the gov. has been involved with it all from the beginning.not all, but many freemasons have infiltrated all govs...all professions,trades, judges...lawyers...

It is all coming to a end..

Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers said...

There is a GREAT DEAL OF TRUTH to all of these comments. I am a survivor of suicide as well only after I went through all of that terrible time for years, the guilt, the struggle the endless examination I realized my family member had been murdered. So, amazingly enough that made it somewhat better but I will NEVER forget how the suicide felt to us and ruined our family as it is designed to do. This is why when the mob "offs" people if they greatly disrespect them and want to cause their families terrible grief they will make it appear a suicide.
Up is down, down is up. the freemasons HAVE infiltrated and you must view everything through a carnival funhouse mirror lens to get at a portion of the true story.
There is nothing "wrong" with you despite your believing they want to clean the world of you. Not at ALL. You may have just angered the wrong person.
Randy R. totally nailed it. Plus in the deep south they've just been laughing behind their hand at us for years. I'm too tired to go into detail but was really surprised to see such knowledgeable comments to your blog. (I mean that as in "to any blog". Most folks don't have a clue.
Take care. I'll try to come back and read more.
Oh, also it may have been something to do with any one of your jobs no matter how briefly held. Those freemasons take their lives and junk very seriously because most are not very smart people. JUST VERY MEAN. They made Tampa their headquarters in 1973 which I accidentally discovered at some point through this and then I was able to pinpoint what they have done which is HORRENDOUS criminal activity and murder and mayhem. Some while pretending to be upstanding or decent but basically you can always tell a freemason.

craig redd said...

Help me if you know of any resources. I am at the end of my rope...The stalking is more than I can take
Craig in Littleton,

Anonymous said...

there is no escape until they murder you..... it make you wonder everyday when they are going to kill you.

Anonymous said...

My surgeons assistant told me I would commit suicide over my "unaesthetically pleasing" sex change, and I began to get the jest....that more or less many people wish I would die, which is inspiring....now I know its a euphemism for murdering e as a whistleblower....I guess I should shove letters in my air vents that im not suicidal, on the other hand, transsexuals do commit suicide a lot.
Ive learned to be indifferent to it, some could be paranoia...when I go shopping the other day, they played a song over the PA, which in hindsight they ply this one when im in the store on many occasions....could be a coincidence?
Anyway, just learn to ignore stupid people....I can be more bold as I can fight, so im not so worried about someone physically assaulting me, where others may truly be afraid of them actually putting their hands on you....if they really had any charges on you, they could haul you into court, such as in the decade of my stalking, ive seen no charges presented to me, of what ive done that Is illegal. so ignore it, they are just assholes.
Studying Aleister Crowley helped too, as press stalked on him, and he was poor, but wouldn't let up on his wacko belief system

JebusAleguts said...

Isn't gang stalking a criminal "outing" system?
If someone is suspected of being a pedophile, isn't the purpose of gang stalking for that person to out themselves as such?

Unknown said...

You are not powerless--pull out a cell phone and take a picture
Of a stalker, they run away.
You have the power to expose them and it scares them.
Stand up to them, document them
Then you have proof and nobody
Can call you crazy

Paul Goodwin said...

You are not powerless--pull out a cell phone and take a picture
Of a stalker, they run away.
You have the power to expose them and it scares them.
Stand up to them, document them
Then you have proof and nobody
Can call you crazy

inneraddict said...

I didn’t know II was group stalked until about 15 yrs or so later.
I knew multiple people were invoved..and I had my theories. When I heard “group stalk “ a freaking bell went off.
1) suicide Satan scores
2) life Satan looses
3) DONT KILL YOURSELF FOR HIM. The cruel gang, the deceitful boy, the continued emotional abuse. Well, you are under attack. You are a solder at war. You are stronger than NIORM and NORMA. You and I are not going to kill us for him. MAKE THAT MOTHER FUCKER do it himself. FUCK HIM.
The longer we live, the weaker he becomes.
Save souls.
Remember...it’s not a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an old tv shutting of with the last blink. Grab it. Stay the fuck in it. Hold on.
Suicide victim=Satan scores 1
Please..have faith in the blink of light. Have a purpose. Live for the fucking sake of it. Do not accept suicide. Do not label “suicide survivor” ..soul is gone. Nothing survives. This is war. Life survivor. Shed a tear and try to save the next one. But, don’t glamorize suicide. We are the light. We are stronger than Joe Smith. We are going to safe their asses.
We are not defective. Blind, deformed,demented...we are life. So if you want to die...well too fucking bad. Suck it up. Flip it off and accept it for what it is. Move on. Don’t Stop opening doors for strangers..lending a helping hand. Just carry a taser, knife, baton..whatever. And fuck up the next”freak” ( Satan’s puppet) that gets too close. Shit. You might go to jail...but life goes on. Stick up for yourself. ARGH!!!!!!!
Just don’t kill yourself. Please. Life is strength. And...fuck it!!!

inneraddict said...

Did you make it??

inneraddict said...

They want you to kill yourself. Murder with no charge. JUST DONT DO IT!!!!

inneraddict said...

IDK. But cool. See, an upside to the sickness of stalking. I think. TMI for me. Yuck.

Mike pompa said...
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Mike pompa said...
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Unknown said...

You are absolutely correct. I only pray that in death these disgusting heathens are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please see my blog http://thestalkingofchristians.blogspot.com/