Why do you think the perps are doing this to you?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Exposing The Gangstalkers To Non-TIs

Yes, this is the trick, finding a way to expose them in such a way that we can show the non-TIs what it is that they do, how they first make themselves known to us, that initial process of sensitization that gets the whole gangstalking ball rolling.

I remember when it first started for me, the odd and exaggerated behaviors that they exhibited.  They acted in such a manner that a normal person would be compelled to notice.

Exposing these bastards is possible, but I believe that the possibility of doing so exists primarily (but not exclusively) in a small timeframe.

That timeframe occurs at the very beginning stages of gangstalking, the first few weeks to months when these odd behaviors known to TIs as "street theater" are the most obvious.  It is at this time that they the gangstalkers will be carrying on and acting out very visibly, even to non-TIs.

The problem is that most people who are new to this sinister world are not likely to know enough to attempt to record what it is that the perps of gangstalking are doing to them.

My guess is that there are very few (if any) TIs out there who also happen to be professional photographers.  The reason is obvious.  This would be the type of individual who would almost always be carrying a camera of some sort around with them, always being on the ready to catch that great photograph.  It would not take long for someone like that to catch a perp off guard and start filming video of their actions.

Having said the above, however, I have seen very few good videos on YouTube or anywhere else that show what it is to be a TI and what it is that the perps do to us.  Most of what I see are videos of those things that trigger that particular TI and are meaningless to a non-TI.  Quite often, these videos are meaningless to myself as well, as the things that are shown are not triggers for myself at all.

It is easy to see why those who are unaffected by this would read the blogs and view the videos and conclude that we are all a bunch of paranoid nutjobs.  There are only a small handful of videos out there that actually show anything that would be meaningful to a non-TI.

So what do we as veteran TIs do to deal with this problem?  My stalkers are very careful to not overdo the street theater when there are lots of other people around.  They perform their triggering skits very subtly such that I will notice and be triggered by their actions while those around me will not have a clue that harassment has indeed taken place.

Here is a possible solution:  We as TIs could potentially come together to perform reenactments of these street theater skits.  One TI could play the role of the TI, while the others could act as the perps, performing the initial phases of street theater that got us sensitized to these behaviors and objects in the first place.

I know, I know, you are probably saying something like, "TIs come together?  I have never even met another TI, and those whom I have been in contact with are in all parts of the country."  I agree that this would be a difficult undertaking for just that reason, but I throw it out there in the hopes that there are enough TIs within a geographical area who also know each other and would be willing to undertake such a thing.

Just remember, you are doing this for the non-TIs to illustrate to them what it is that is being done to us, so although I hate to be the harsh taskmaster, I submit to you that if there is such a group of TIs out who believe that they can take me up on this idea, then please, please, please do as good and tasteful job as you possibly can.  Although our numbers are growing, our credibility is still low, so a good competent job is needed.

A second suggestion would be for a computer savvy person out there to get some quality animation software and produce an animation of what I have described above.  This would also preserve one's anonymity, something that I believe most TIs would not want to lose, as who wants people one works with to think that we have lost our minds.  Unfortunately, I do believe that is still the overall impression that many non-TIs have of us, and it is going to take a lot of quality and competent work to dig ourselves out of that hole.


sherlocks said...

Please contact me (by email), a fellow TI...see my youtube channel...I have a request. Sherlock

sherlocks said...

....... correction.... Backupagainstthewall, if you feel more secure, please contact me through youtube if you prefer...sherlock

Margaret Cone said...

Jesus was Gangstalked and turned into a Scapegoat.

Funnyvanni said...

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